Do you live with a family who are extremely picky when it comes to food? Right after my marriage, my husband had a posting far from country for more than a year. On his return, I experienced some troubles in our married life that might seem petty concerns but were needed to be taken care of immediately. Here’s to the blog to share after-marital issues and its resolution with the help of Dinnerly USA, which offers 50% off on Dinnerly Promo Code available at

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I was 23 years old when I got married and my husband is 4 years older than me. We enjoyed the early days of our marriage very well. We also went on Europe tour for one month on our honeymoon trip.  Everything was going fine for the first three months of our marriage.

However, after 3 months, we got the shocking news that my husband is posted far from the country on UN Mission. The posting was very shocking because we two had just started our married life and needed some more time to understand each other. Although, my husband also did not want to go, however, being an army official, we had no other option.

On his day of departure, I was very upset, however, I said his goodbye with a smiling face. I took the posting as positive when I see several soldiers and their families with all smiles on their faces. Thanks to Dinnerly coupon and discounts.

For almost a year, I lived alone at the home, missing my husband. I even did not take care of my diet, my health and after a few months, I felt my body gaining weight. I had completely lost my fitness routine and healthy routine. My body was getting out of shape. Within a year, I had put on 15 pounds weight.

After a year, I got a message from the Army Head Quarters that my husband is coming back in a month. This news was like a reborn for me. I was so happy and excited at the same time worried about my physique. Now, I had to get back to my previous routine that used to have a good workout in a day with healthy meals.

I visited a Dietician who advised me on some exercises and told me to take healthy diet for my fitness especially food containing proteins, veggies and herbs to strengthen muscles. When I came back home, I start searching the branded good food services and found Dinnerly on the top which provides its recipes and great offers in healthy meal kit delivery with Dinnerly Promo Codes.

I immediately subscribe to the Dinnerly USA and ordered the meals using its weekly subscription, with a special focus on vegetable meals. With the help of Dinnerly meals having proteins and vitamins, I reduce 20 pounds in one month, and now feel energetic and mostly fit with the help of some light exercises and Dinnerly meals. Its protein diets are extremely healthy and will help you keep up with your diet. Well, I would definitely recommend Dinnerly.

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