Breakfast Tacos is a delightful way to shift up your morning egg routine. You can just ascent some eggs, cook some bacon, chop your favorite toppings, assemble in tortillas and be like a professional chef.  It is the best of all breakfast flavors enfolded in a heartfelt tortilla. 

The healthy breakfast idea through breakfast tocos near me is just 30 minutes.  It is perfect for not only your weekend brunch plans but also your weekday mornings. 


The bacon, egg, and avocado trifecta are the heart of this recipe. You can add additional ingredients to amp up your; breakfast tacos:

  1. Bacon – provides the most delicious, savory breakfast crunch. 
  2. Eggs – Soft, pillowy scrambled eggs are the best. 
  3. Onion – Adds a pop of fresh flavor with every bite. 
  4. Avacado – Creamy avocado is always welcome at the breakfast table. 
  5. Herbs – Fresh cilantro
  6. Tortilla – for cassava flour tortillas.


Breakfast Tacos - The Washington Post
  1. Cook the bacon – Bake your floorings in the oven for 20 minutes, and let them dry on a paper towel. 
  2. Saute the Green onions – Give the white part of the onion a quick saute with olive oil. 
  3. In goes the egg – Blade the eggs and pour them into the pan. Gentle mixing the eggs as they cook to create the perfect pillowy texture. 
  4. Assemble – Add a good spoonful or two of twisted eggs to a tortilla. Top the Taco with green onion, crumbled bacon, diced avocado, cheese, cilantro, and a dash of salt and pepper. 
  5. Tip – Warmed-up tortillas are a must for any taco. Gently heat them in a pan or over a gas flame for fried edges. 


A few ways to turn your Tacos into the ultimate Tex-Mex meal with cooked fruitarians and a splotch of sauce are as under:

  1. Load it up with veggies – The options are boundless here, but a few easy ad-in can be cooked cabbage, cubed bell pepper, garlic cooked spinach, or fried kale. 
  2. Switch up the meats – Sideways from bacon, you can saute breakfast sausage, ground chicken, chorizo, or carnitas for the best remains. 
  3. Dollop some sauces – A batch of salsa is a must. You can add a spoon of pico de gallo for a bumpy texture, or merged red salsa for a smooth finish. 
  4. Switch up the Cheese – Use tattered cheese, feta cheese, or cotija cheese. 


These Breakfast Tacos near me are easy to beat up, it does not hurt to do a little prep work.  You can make taco-making faster for the next morning and save time by the following process:

  • The Night Exercise – Pop the bacon in the oven, cooking until crispy. And dice up the green onion. Then crumble the bacon and store both items in separ5ate airtight containers for the morning. 
  • Morning prep – All you need to do is scramble the eggs, dice up avocados and assemble to minimize your efforts in the morning. 

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